Will YOU be Springboard's Biggest User at ICFP?

ICFP attendees can win exclusive prizes for participating on Springboard! Each time you log in to Springboard, you have an opportunity to earn points. The table below shows how many points you can earn for completing activities.

Daily Challenge

Earn extra points each day by completing the daily challenge! Log into Springboard's ICFP 2018 group page each day or stop by the Breakthrough ACTION + RESEARCH booth (#59) to find out what the daily challenge is and score more points.

Claim Your Prize

Check the leaderboard on the ICFP 2018 group page or at the Breakthrough ACTION + RESEARCH booth to see the daily winners. Prizes will be awarded to the top three Springboard users each day, and to the top three Biggest Users throughout the conference. Prizes can be claimed at booth #59.

What Are You Waiting For?

So, go ahead! Connect with your colleagues, discuss what you've learned, share your photos, or promote your ICFP events on Springboard. 

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