About Springboard and Compass

A community of Social and Behavior Change professionals

Springboard is an online community of social and behavior change (SBC) professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the world. Members seek access to experts, the latest theories and tools  and the most stimulating discussions and educational opportunities, in order to advance their own knowledge and skills.   

Springboard members in Zambia. 

It is a place for ideas and learning, suited to those working at any level of expertise and in any SBC-related field. Over the past five years, it has developed into a warm, inviting and productive resource for the SBC world.

Specifically, Springboard offers:



Search for SBC resources on Compass. 

The Compass is a curated collection of social and behavior change (SBC) resources. The collection offers the highest quality "how-to" tools and packages of materials from SBC projects.  Each item in the Compass is vetted to ensure it was developed via a strategic process and had documented success in the field.

The Compass is designed to help SBC professionals improve their work by providing practical resources including:

Compass users are invited to upload their own resources to the collection.  

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