Human-Centered Design Festival

Ask your questions, share your experiences, and learn from the HCD experts

Designing effective Social and Behavior Change initiatives requires a deep understanding of people. Human-centered design (HCD) is a powerful tool that helps SBC practitioners better understand our audiences and design with - rather than for - those audiences. 

On January 24, join us on Springboard for an all-day human-centered design festival! HCD experts will host live Question and Answer sessions, share their thoughts on key HCD subjects and moderate discussions. The schedule of events can be found below. Please note all times are Central African Time, GMT+2:

Start gathering your questions and thinking about what experiences you want to share! In advance of the festival, you can post any questions you have by clicking on the bulleted discussion links above and replying to the thread. HCD experts will respond to your questions during the live sessions or throughout the day. 

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