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All human interactions – be they social, economic or political – are shaped by behavior. These interactions are the basis of development; and if development is about change, then innovative solutions leading to change should be about people willing to change their behaviours.

Behavior changes over time and the process is dependent on the context of implementation, which can be highly variable.  People are not always in control of the issues that determine their behavior. Rather, their behavior is affected by external factors such as interpersonal relations, the community, the physical environment, economic determinants and policy framework.  Social and behavior change (SBC) seeks to address motivators or barriers that affect these interactions. Behavior change strategies therefore need to take a multi-sectoral approach in ensuring that all the factors affecting human behaviors have been addressed to promote positive change, health and well‐being. A context-specific approach is essential to effective application of the various models.

 The Africa Social & Behavior Change Conference seeks to establish a platform that brings together practitioners and stakeholders from public and private sectors to showcase effective mechanisms, methodologies, learnings and theories within the African context. One outcome of the ASBC conference will be a road map of solutions and a shared value proposition to promote a thriving African society through utilization of SBC strategies. This is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals which work in the spirit of partnership and pragmatism to assist people make the right choices to improve life in a sustainable way in the decades ahead.  Through the conference, practitioners across sectors (health, education, agriculture, road safety, academia, etc.) will understand the role of SBC in accelerating achievement of such goals and leapfrog development across other sectors of the African economy.

Population Services Kenya (PS Kenya), an affiliate of Population Services International (PSI), a global SBC non-profit organization, has taken the initiative to organize this timely conference, acknowledging that behavior change has moved to the center stage in the work of African governments and their domestic and international partners, to foster better health outcomes in communities.

The ASBC Conference discussion themes are:

  • The intersection between religion, culture, gender and SBC in Africa: myth or reality?; 
  • Leveraging technology to transform SBC in Africa;
  • Breaking the silos: Working across sectors SBC;
  • Role of SBC in achieving Universal Health Coverage;
  • Entrenching the practice: Sustaining SBC beyond donor funding; and
  • Taking stock of the evidence base for SBC: demonstrating SBC impact.

These will be delivered through plenary session, drum talks, showcase and demonstrations, skills building sessions and networking forums. The conference will be held in Nairobi Kenya between Feb 19 – 21, 2019.

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~Written by PS Kenya

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